The Mana Rangatahi Kete App: A Taonga for Our Programme

Integral to the Mana Rangatahi Programme, the Mana Rangatahi Kete App is an advanced digital tool designed specifically to enhance the learning experience of our participants. This innovative app supports our curriculum by providing interactive features that cater to a diverse range of learning styles, including those of neurodiverse learners.
Key Features of the Mana Rangatahi Kete App:

Interactive Learning:
The app includes Swipe to Read, Touch to Hear, Touch to Spell, Record your Narrations, currently available in te reo Māori making it easier for participants to engage with content and master new languages.

Accessibility: Designed to support neurodiverse audiences, the app ensures that learning is accessible and inclusive for all participants, regardless of their learning needs.

Real-Time Updates: Participants receive continuous updates and resources, allowing them to stay connected with the programme and their mentors, no matter where they are.

Personalised Pathways: The app helps users track their progress, set goals, and customise their learning pathways, aligning with their individual aspirations and the skills needed in today's dynamic enterprise environment.

The Mana Rangatahi Kete App is more than just a tool - it's a lifelong resource that participants can continue to use as they advance in their careers, ensuring they remain at the cutting edge of leadership and entrepreneurship. By integrating this technology, the Mana Rangatahi Programme not only prepares young leaders for the challenges of tomorrow but also instills a robust foundation of knowledge and skills that are crucial for success in the evolving world of enterprise.

Currently free to download on the App Store and Google Play.

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