Introducing the Manawanui Scholarship

Kia ora koutou and welcome to the Manawanui Scholarship.

He aha te Manawanui?
Manawanui stands for perseverance, determination, persistence, and dedication — qualities that represent the heart of this scholarship and stands as a tribute to our late father Charles Manawanui Renata to reinforce the future success of our rangatahi - youth.

Building on the success of the Mana Rangatahi programme, INNOV8HQ, in partnership with Transition to Work Trust, is thrilled to introduce the Manawanui Leadership Scholarship, launching on May 1, 2024. This initiative is designed to cultivate the next generation of leaders within the Otago region. Rooted in the values encapsulated by 'Manawanui' — perseverance, determination, and dedication — this scholarship is aimed at exceptional young individuals aged 18-24 who exemplify courage, commitment, and a profound connection to their community.

The Manawanui Leadership Scholarship seeks to build upon the foundation established by the Mana Rangatahi programme by offering extensive support and training in key areas of leadership, ethical entrepreneurship, and governance. This is crucial in preparing them for a future where artificial intelligence reshapes our world, requiring 'super user' or 'super developer' capabilities.

Overview of the Programme.

The Manawanui Leadership Scholarship is more than just a financial grant; it represents a comprehensive investment in the development of young leaders from diverse backgrounds. This year, we are placing a particular emphasis on ethical leadership amidst the rapidly changing landscape of artificial intelligence. Our programme is meticulously designed to ensure our leaders are not only tech-savvy but also deeply rooted in cultural and ethical principles, ready to utilise AI to responsibly benefit society.

Prequalification Criteria for 2024 | Nga Whakaritena Tono:

How do I qualify for this:
Recipients must be graduates of the INNOV8HQ Mana Rangatahi Programme. If you would like to register for the Mana Rangatahi programme, click here
Age requirement: 18-24 years.
Residency requirement: Must reside in the Otago region.Application requirement:

Entry into the programme is competitive, with five scholarships available (three in Dunedin, two in Central Otago).

Requirements of the Programme:

Community Leadership Initiatives:
Scholars must complete four leadership activities over a maximum of six months, focused on community leadership. These can be organised projects by INNOV8HQ, Transition to Work, or self-directed community service or industry projects.
KPIs and Milestones: Scholars are expected to meet specific Key Performance Indicators related to their community leadership initiatives and personal development goals.
Reflection and Reviews: Regular submission of progress reports and a final presentation on their leadership journey and community impact to the Transition to Work Panel.

Scholarship Package:

$10k Leadership Pathway Investment: The scholarship is valued at $10,000, with $5,000 towards customised industry leadership mentoring programmes, in addition to a $5,000 financial grant to support recipients in their desired educational or leadership pathways.
Financial Investment: Funds are directly disbursed from our Community Sponsor - Transition to work Trust to entities (e.g., educational institutions, leadership conferences, community projects) nominated by the scholarship recipient.

Mentor Support | Tuakana/Teina Support  

Each successful scholar will be paired with a mentor who best matches their profile for the duration of the scholarship, to provide guidance and support. Mentors can be selected by the scholar or appointed by the scholarship leadership team at INNOV8HQ/Transition to Work Trust.

Empowerment through Support | Whakakaha

The Manawanui Leadership Scholarship Programme is a testament to our belief that with the right support, young leaders can significantly amplify their impact. Through this initiative, INNOV8HQ and the Transition to Work Trust aim to empower young individuals to chase their dreams, lead with integrity, and make meaningful contributions to the wellbeing and development of their communities.

How can we get involved? | Me pēhea mātou e whai wāhi ai?

If yo
u are interested in applying for a scholarship or becoming an industry partner for this, please feel free to contact Heidi Renata via email or call her on phone 033992222 to arrange a hui (meeting).

Mā mua ka kite a muri, mā muri ka ora mua. Those who lead give sight to those who follow, those who follow give life to those who lead.

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