Mana Whānau

"Mā mua ka kite a muri, Mā muri ka ora mua". Those who lead give site to those who follow, those who follow give life to those who lead.

In this fast changing environment, our family dynamics have changed and the source of our power and knowledge has been diluted, forgotten and in many cases lost.

Inspired by our Mana Rangatahi series, coupled with some of the DNA strands of our own family foundations, INNOV8HQ has designed a unique programme that reinvigorates the foundations and importance that a strong whānau brings. 

What we know from our research to date, is that our current and future generations of children and young adults, are craving leadership to guide them through this challenging landscape of life. Human beings have the pack mentality and without their pack, they can be lost, confused and seeking answers in all the wrong places.

This dynamic and fun new course has been designed drawing on some of the amazing resources, skills and techniques we use to build not only our communities, but our businesses today. We take families on a special journey to re-establish their identity, uniqueness and super powers as a team, group.

Whānau today makes up many different dynamics, so this course is designed to support any unique blends, sizes and we encourage you to bring your grandparents involved in this process to build on the success even more. The invitation is to bring everyone on this journey to re-establish your meaning and pillars for the family that you represent.

Nau mai e te whānau, lets go whānau. Now more than ever is a time to restore and recharge our collective strength and focus, that can and will change lives and the futures of our next generations.

He whānau kotahi tātou | We are one family.

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